Sunday, May 06, 2007

Well I survived my first week back at work. Considering it was only 3.5 days I put in 46 hours. My partner Linda was extremely grateful for my return - all she could say my first day back "am I glad you are back". I can't believe how much work she has done over the winter, the long hours and she still looks great and has her wonderful smile on her face. She is looking forward to her time off starting at the end of June. I will miss her again when she leaves, but then again it's her turn.

Allan seems to be recovering from his 2 trips to Lethbridge and back in one week. He arranged, at his dad's request, to list his house for sale and then had to turn around and go back then next day as he had 3 offers on it. So it's sold to an old neighbour of Allan's dad. Another chapter in Lindsay's life closes. He seems to be enjoying himself at his new home so he has no rejects that he finally decided to sell the house.

Take care.

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