Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well, that did not last. Here it is two weeks later and no updates.

We did get the motor home washed and it looked really good.

We spent a busy week hosting the rally at the Bakersfield RV Resort.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and it looks like we will be going back.

We spent the day after the rally relaxing at the resort. The next day, Friday, we headed out to Blythe. We stopped in Redlands at one of the rally seminar presenters company and have ordered new blinds for the front of the motor home.

Then, on to Blythe. We arrived about 4:20 and parked the motor home.

We had ordered soft water installed, but they were not available until Monday, so we stayed in the coach.

On Monday, we also went down town to look at flooring for the Park Model. So much for moving in. Tuesday, all the furniture got moved out and Wednesday morning, new flooring started to go in. The phrase "If your out door furniture used to be your indoor furniture, You might be a Red Neck" really came into play. It looks like tomorrow, Friday, we should be able to move the furniture back in. We should be able to start enjoying the Park Model then.

Sue is off tomorrow with one of our friends and headed over to Phoenix. The husband, Bob, is flying to Quebec to see his grand children. Jeanette did not want to drive in Phoenix and wanted someone to go with her. Sue volunteered.

Not much else is happening (as if this has not been enough) right now, so I will sign of again. Maybe we can update sooner.

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