Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We are home - Yahoo! We finally arrived home on Tuesday around noon and spent the afternoon unloading the stuff from the trailer into the house. We carry far too much stuff. I am vowing here and now that we will be taking half the stuff next year. I decided that I need to do a spring cleaning of stuff in the house as well. Allan and I went through our closet and I will be taking 2 big garbage bags full of clothes to goodwill. Now we have room for the clothes we took with us in the closet.

The house is finally starting to get back to normal. Most of the stuff is put away. Now I just have to find all of the stuff that I need in Calgary for that apartment and for racing and I will be all set.

I can't believe I am going back to work on May 1st. I'm really looking forward to that - did I actually say I was looking forward to going back to work. I must be sick. Not exactly I enjoy the people I work with and will enjoy seeing them all again.

All for now.

PS - Would somebody please pay the heating bill. I really don't like this cold wet weather.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

We are half way home. We made it to Casper Wyoming. Our butts are numb from spending 11 hours in the truck yesterday. Today we are heading for Great Falls, Montana and then on to Lethbridge to see Allan's dad. With any luck we will be home by Tuesday. We are looking forward to no more trips for a while.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The final stage of our trip home is going to start tomorrow morning and I'm not looking forward to it. We are leaving Elkhart Indiana and will start the trek home. It promises to have something for everyone but not what we want. We will have snow, rain, wind. Oh and did I mention snow, wind and rain. Yuk! No sun cloudless days - oh how I miss them.

Our satelitte dish is acting up again. It took about 45 minutes for us to find the satelitte. That might have something to do with the weather, but then again you never know, so people if you don't hear from me over the next few days it's because we are traveling and not fully setting up at night due to the weather.

I'm hoping the big guy upstairs and mother nature take pity on us and get us home safely.

Take care all and see you all soon.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Easter, I hope the easter bunny likes you enough to leave you lots of chocolate eggs on Sunday morning.

Allan and I are in Elkhart Indiana for another week. We are at the Travel Supreme factory having some warranty work done on our trailer. The awning needs to be replaced but they won't get in the one we need for at least a week.

That's okay though as there is a current weather system here in Elkhart making it extremely cold, windy and snowy and then by Friday another one is supposed to move in. So hopefully by the time we are ready for the return trip home the weather will be better.

Anyways trying to stay warm.

Take care all.

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