Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well, Sue and I either have a cold or we really came down with a case of Glamis Crud. We took the motor home and dune buggy to the Glamis Sand Dunes on last Friday and stayed until Sunday. We met up with Dan, the car builder, and had a good weekend. Dan lead us out on the dunes and kept it sort of easy. We only got stuck twice. It was really nice that everyone stopped and waited for us. That is the credo out here on the dunes. You are responsible for the person behind you. Dan took me out on Saturday in our car and drove places that I would not have thought possible.

Where we were camped, there were some smaller dunes close by and Sue and I were able to go a practise. Sue has indicated that she was able to see and feel my confidence increase.

Dan took both Sue and I for a ride in his car. place that we had to go slow because of the bumps, he flew over at about 70 mph. Amazing what a suspension can do.

Of course, we took the camera. But, we left it in the motor home.

Having now played at Glamis twice, I can see us going back.

There is still some discussion going on in our house as to how much I spend this summer for modifications to the dune buggy. New transmission, new front suspension, new rear suspension, and the list grows.

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