Sunday, April 20, 2008

We are finally home! We left sunny, warm California and travelled back to Canada via BC this year with our friends Lee and Keith. They had purchased a pontoon boat while down south but had no way to bring it back to Canada so... since we didn't have a fifth wheel to bring back they asked us if we would do it - so we said yes!

We had a great trip home - we had about 5 minutes of sleet in Nevada and about 5 minutes of blowing snow in Washington. Other than that it was cool but clear and sunny. We spent 2 days in Sorrento where Lee and Keith live making sure the boat was parked where it needed to be.

When we arrived back in Alberta it was a beautiful 23 C and sunny. WOW - it almost felt like California. Our neighbours Joan and Bob had us over for dinner that night and that was nice not to have to cook dinner after travelling all day. What was even better was that Bob even filled our water tank for us so we had water too! They are great neighbours and even better friends.

I found another nice item about our trip home this year. It only took us under an hour to unload the truck. Not unpack mind you, just unload. Last year I took 4 hours back and forth taking stuff out of the trailer into the house. This year maybe 15 trips into the house and we were done. I am still unpacking mind you, but that is okay - most of it is done now.

I have decided I HATE SNOW AND COLD! For the last 3 days it has been cold and snowy here. I was going to go into Innisfail yesterday and I couldn't even open the doors to my car - they were frozen shut. Allan had to go out and open then for me. Then to add insult to injury while I was on my way, the roads were like crap. I could only get up to 50 kph without sliding all over the place so I decided nope I'm not going into town, it can wait and turned around and came back home.

Here I am on a cold and snowy Sunday morning wearing long pants, a sweatshirt and fluffy slippers and planning to light the fireplace cause it's cold, overcast and STILL SNOWING! I HATE SNOW!

I wanna go back to California - I know - stop whinning this is nothing compared to what everyone else had to put up with all winter.

Oh well at least I have lots of wine to keep me company while I read a book and enjoy our fireplace.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wow where did the winter go. We are leaving Blythe in one week and I have decided I'm not ready to go home. The weather has finally warmed up so that air conditioning is needed and floating in the pool in the afternoons are a must do. Oh well life goes on.

Lots of going away parties are happening down here as everyone is trying to clean out their refrigerators so they don't have much to pack to take back with them. Happy hours are turning into happy dinners. I have made a third trip today down to the Food Pantry (Food Bank) to take down food that people are leaving behind. They certainly do appreciate everything we are bringing them.

The park is just about empty as most people have already left to go head back home. We have decided to stay as long as possible for 2 reasons 1 - the road reports are coming in that they are terrible and 2 - there is still SNOW up home - Yuk!

All for now!

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