Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wow where did the winter go. We are leaving Blythe in one week and I have decided I'm not ready to go home. The weather has finally warmed up so that air conditioning is needed and floating in the pool in the afternoons are a must do. Oh well life goes on.

Lots of going away parties are happening down here as everyone is trying to clean out their refrigerators so they don't have much to pack to take back with them. Happy hours are turning into happy dinners. I have made a third trip today down to the Food Pantry (Food Bank) to take down food that people are leaving behind. They certainly do appreciate everything we are bringing them.

The park is just about empty as most people have already left to go head back home. We have decided to stay as long as possible for 2 reasons 1 - the road reports are coming in that they are terrible and 2 - there is still SNOW up home - Yuk!

All for now!

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