Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It has been a while again since I last posted.

Dad seems to have settled into Long Term Care Facility. He is still losing weight, but that may be just the changes he was going through.

When we got back from Toronto, I told Dad about Bryan and he took it rather well. He replied that it would sound terrible, but it was probably the best for him. He would no longer be suffering and besides, he was not in a Good Carma space. Where Dad came up with Carma, I do not know.

We had Bryan's funeral on the 26th and my other brother from Vancouver was there. My son, Tom, was also there.

Dad had a lot of visitors that day, and he did well.

Ian is spending some time with Dad after the funeral, so I am taking about 2 weeks off from visiting with Dad.

That is all for now, so I will sign off.


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