Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hi all, I just realized it's been over a month since I posted something on the blog - boy have I been remiss about that or just plain busy. Yup I will go with busy. Let's see what have I done ...

Well I have been working hard doing a little bit of work every morning, then it's get dressed, make breakfast, do a little bit of housework and then get ready to play cards in the afternoon with the girls.

Jo-anne and Whitey came for a 2 day visit so I got to gourd with her for 2 days and got 3 other girls involved in gourding so now I have more friends to play with. Broke one of of my dremel bits and Allan bought me a whole bunch of dremel drill bits so I should be good to go.

I made a visit to Yuma to go play with Beth my gourd mentor and finish my Buggy Club Eh! gourd that I started last year. I needed Jo-anne and Beth to help me out as I am not a painter/artist and I needed their input in order to turn our right. I liked it, the girls liked it, but most importantly Allan liked it. I will get him to post a picture of it later.

It's now that time of year when everyone is thinking of heading home so there are lots of happy hours and good bye parties as everyone is trying to eat up all of their food. We can sometimes get really creative.

Jeanette had a happy hour/birthday party for Bob's 60th birthday pool side. Can people here cook up great appetizers or what and then there was hot dogs and cake. On Sunday we were in Quartzsite and helped celebrate 5 peoples birthday - OMG! Talk about food and then there was hot dogs, chili and lasagna. I ended up being the designated driver for Keith and Lee.

Bob and Joan have moved over from Salome to Blythe onto our other lot, so Allan has been busy getting the shed ready for the washer/dryer and fridge that were going into the shed and now we are having the back area laid with blocks in order to make a little patio for them that is in the sunny hot area. It should be finished any day now - just the sand to be spread over it.

We finally went on 2 buggy runs last week and with the new suspension it was great - my back didn't hurt at the end of the day. It was great fun, lots of laughs and we just happened to pick the 2 hottest days 92F and 97F to spend in the desert. Oh well, that's life.

We will be heading back to Alberta on April 10 so I'm hoping the snow will be done and the heat turned on.

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