Tuesday, September 01, 2009

On Monday of last week, I received a call from Freigtways to advise that a shipment was sitting on their dock in Calgary. I requested that this shipment be directed to Red Deer, so that I could pick it up there. Done.

Tuesday morning, with the assistance of a neighbour, into Red Deer. At the freight company was a pallet from the previous owner of the motor home. Included were the sink tops, table, chairs and recliner.

When we purchased the motor home, the previous owner had replaced the free standing table and chairs with a booth dinette. This made down into a bed. This also meant that the recliner had to go. Helped him out as he had three kids and they now could have a place to sleep. When I originally was at the dealer, they had confirmed that the previous owner was willing and available to answer questions that I might have. I had contacted him in July and during the conversation, I asked if he still, by chance, had the original furniture. Yes, he did. As a matter of fact, it had been removed only about a month before he traded the unit in. He was wondering what he was going to do with the furniture. I asked if there would be some way for me to acquire it from him. No problem. We just needed to find a way to transfer it to us. I had originally thought about going to Fort St. John during the week Sue was at Indy. He said, that he would try to see about shipping it to me.

Long story short, we got the furniture and as of Sunday, it is installed back in the motor home. Now, we have a booth dinette that we need to figure out what to do with.

Also, yesterday, we spoke with Don from the Datastorm Users Forum and have cancelled our attendance at the Rally in Buelleton, CA in October. This will allow Sue to attend the AGM for the racing organization (it is probably the last year for Race City Speedway) and then will give us a chance to head to Portland to get some tires for the motor home (the rear tires are the original and are 13 years old).

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