Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hi all, well I have been bad about not posting stuff here, but then again I have a really good reason. I have been busy.

First came Christmas - Santa was really nice to us - remember that cruise on my previous post - well Merry Christmas to us.

Then Allan and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary (okay 33 years together actually). Had a nice dinner out.

Then came New Year's Eve - enjoyed a nice time at the club house with our neighbours, good music, good food, lots of laughs and even managed to stay up past midnight to welcome the new year in.

Spent a quiet New Year's Day at home celebrating Allan's birthday while also trying to recover from the lost sleep.

Next on the agenda was getting ready for our trip to the FMCA Rally in Indio. That was a week of fun in the sun. The weather got hotter and sunnier for the rally. We even managed somehow to get parked with a number of our Safari friends. It was really funny how without even trying a number of us all got parked together. Spent far too much money buying stuff (can't remember what we did buy). Of course we enjoyed many enjoyable hours around the happy hour table enjoying cold beverages and most nights we seemed to go out to dinner. Yeah! I love it when someone else cooks dinner.

Once the rally was done it was head back to Blythe for a week or so and then plan it so that we head out to Quartzsite for another rally there. This was the big trip - you see Quartzsite is only 20 miles away from us in Blythe, but we were going.

We packed up the motorhome again after unpacking, then cleaning and packing up again. Headed out to Quartzsite to park with our Safari friends again (most were new friends at this rally) but we were also meeting up with friends from the FMCA rally in Indio again. The rallymaster Patty and Frank put on some incredible meals. The first night was Wahdingers and then we had Whiskey Crab soup the next night...mmm! Spent time with other friends from the Alberta Wild Rose Chapter of FMCA - another group that we belong to - went to their camp for their potluck night and had some incredible food. WOW! Even though we are boondocking it we sure can eat well.

Finally saw some friends from Visalia (John and Ruth) and some other friends from Yuma (Chris and Beth) joined us in the desert for some fun.

We are back home now for another week before we head to Casa Grande. Beth and I are attending the Gourd festival there. Can't wait! Beth is my gourd instructor. She does some incredible work. I can only hope to have a fraction of her skill - oh well! Sigh!

I'll tell you more when we get back.

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