Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We made it home on Saturday night. We had a good trip with very little rain and only a little snow in Oregon but it was on the side of the road and not coming down on the road. We purchased a Captain's chair for Allan and me in the motorhome along with a new couch and side chair. We discovered the side chair leans when you extend the foot rest so alas we spent more money in Oregon. We get the new furniture when we go back in August for the rallies we plan on attending. We stopped in Portland overnight and had dinner and conversation with Bruce and Michele and then continued on the next day. We decided that since Jim and Carolyn did not come south this winter that we would stop in Sicamous and say hi to them over a cup of coffee. We ended up having dinner and stayed overnight at their place in their driveway. Glad we stopped and were able to catch up with their adventures and ours over the winter. Well we are home and now are unpacking the motorhome and moving stuff into the house and of course packing up more stuff to take to Calgary to the apartment for the summer. At least the weather is cooperating and it's been nice and warm - just wish the wind would die down. It doesn't seem to want to stop both in Blythe and in Spruce View. Oh well. Time to make dinner.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well it seems another year has come and gone down here in Blythe. The park model has been summerized (as opposed to winterized) and we have moved into the motorhome. We will be heading north via Eugene Oregon. Our (new to us) motorhome needs a little more sprucing up. The driver's chair, passenger's chair and the couch need to be repaired/replaced and apparently Eugene is the place to have it done. We will see if any one has new ones that can be installed right away or we will look at new fabrics and order some and have the work done this summer when we head back to Oregon for the Safari Rally and the FMCA Rally. Itg was a great winter down here and we haven't even left yet and already looking forward to next season.

What we are looking forward to is Allan has left our dune buggy with Dan (the original builder) over the summer to have a bunch of work done to it that will allow us to have much more fun when we go to the dunes down at Glamis. Allan will probably post exactly what he is having done. All I know it will cost us a few more pennies. Oh well it's only money.

Please let there be no bad weather for our trip home. I don't mind the cold it's the snow and rain that I don't like.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Well another year is just about done for us at Rancho Ventana. We just said so long to John and Susie who were across the street from us all season and my nemisis when it comes to playing hand and foot. I lost to her again last night (seems to be the norm for me) so I challenged her to a rematch sometime in October/November. Allan found the game (hand and foot) on facebook so we said we would try it out over the summer.

We are the last of our group to leave here this year. Boy is that strange. The park is quiet and lots of space. I will miss everyone when I get back home, but then again I miss everyone from up north. We will be leaving here on Monday, April 12th and the good lord willing we will be back at Gleniffer Lake on the 15th. Wish us luck the roads and weather co-operate.

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