Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Well another year is just about done for us at Rancho Ventana. We just said so long to John and Susie who were across the street from us all season and my nemisis when it comes to playing hand and foot. I lost to her again last night (seems to be the norm for me) so I challenged her to a rematch sometime in October/November. Allan found the game (hand and foot) on facebook so we said we would try it out over the summer.

We are the last of our group to leave here this year. Boy is that strange. The park is quiet and lots of space. I will miss everyone when I get back home, but then again I miss everyone from up north. We will be leaving here on Monday, April 12th and the good lord willing we will be back at Gleniffer Lake on the 15th. Wish us luck the roads and weather co-operate.

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