Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It has taken a couple of days to get ready for this post.

While we were in Edmonton, I used our new Telus Mobility Internet USB. It seems to work OK. Just not ready to use it for surfing. Had to remember to change the settings for windows updates. One computer did a download without me knowing about it. Oops.

We got the Star Choice dish installed with no issues. Now, with the GPS, you just press a button a couple of times and you have TV. When I remembered to check the signal strength, we were at 95%. Wow!

We got to Edmonton Monday afternoon and arrived at Rudy's about 5 minutes before he got home. When I went to disconnect the toad (TaurusX), I had a dead battery. Our booster cables are in California (Naw, I don't need to take these home). Rudy gave the car a boost and we were good to go again.

Sue went off on Tuesday morning to work at the Indy Race. I got to go shopping for electronics. Nothing in particular, just shopping.

All week long, it was warm. It got up to about 30C or 86F every day. Because we had no hook ups, I ran the generator. Our generator runs on propane and by the end of the week, we had run it for about 25 hours. So, the generator has had a good check out. The two air conditioners worked well. The one thing that we will need to learn how to use is the convection oven. Neither Sue or I have used one before.

The trip back home taught me a very important lesson. When you see a speed limit sign on a corner, you need to obey it or even go slower. A Motor Home does not turn like a sports car. Lesson learned. I hope. When I got back to the resort, the Taurus even started. After talking with one of our friends here, the toad having a dead battery has happened to them a couple of times and he had no explanation.

Today, Wednesday, I went into Red Deer and had a Sirius Satellite Radio installed. Now I can listen to the same channel every where we go.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I tool the MH to a local heavy duty mechanical shop to check out the transmission. I had been able to get fault codes before I went. The codes pointed to a problem with the power. So, the transmission was good, and I ended up having a oil change done on it. On of the fault codes said that I was low on oil. No visible leaks, so that is good.

Power problems were another thing. The reason I had low power was a burnt wire on the alternator. Got that fixed and then the batteries were checked. The chassis batteries failed the load test and the house batteries showed as poor. Six batteries latter, we should be good to go. I also got the heater fan fixed. They removed the resistor that runs the lower speeds on the fan and then reset it. Fan works on all speeds.

We are off today to Edmonton. Sue is working at the Indy race in Edmonton, and this will be a good trial run for the MH. Before we head to Edmonton, I am getting a new automatic Star Choice dish installed. It really is amazing the amount of stuff that I had got rid of and now am buying again.

I have decided that normally I do not give names to my vehicles, so I am just going to refer to the motor home as MH. Of course, the opinions of the husband are not necessarily the opions of management.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We got the motor home back on Friday from having the out of province inspection done. It passed with no problems. I then drove into town to get plates for the unit. Plates installed and back to the park. As I was pulling into the park, Laureen, the receptionist, saw motor home and thought "Gee, that is a nice looking unit" and then noticed our car in tow. She was very kind and opened the gate for me so that I did not have to get out. I waved at her as I drove through the gate. Then I phoned her and said thank you. That is when she told me what she had thought.

I parked over by the General Store. This was to allow us to start loading the motor home for our first trip in about 10 days. Sue is working at the Edmonton Indy race and we are going to take the motor home up for Susan and maybe me to live in for the week. I am also going to have a automatic Star Choice dish added to the roof. I never was very good with a dish on a tripod.

When I was taking the motor home back to the storage compound, I had some trouble getting the transmission to stay in Reverse, so I will probably call on of the local shops to inquire about possible solutions.

While writing this entry, I am starting to think about getting a "name" for the motor home. It just seems so ackward trying to type motor home all the time. There is a mural of horses on the back, so maybe we will try something like "Whinny or Giddy Up". Time will tell.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Well, it is a done deal. Now comes the drive home. Should be fun, I have only driven about 15 kilometers before.

This was what everything looked like before I started down the road. The dealer had finished installing the tow bar on the Taurus X about 5:20. So, I spent the night in the dealer's lot. I went out and found some supper and stuff for breakfast. I actually picked up a coffee at McDonalds in WalMart and kept it in the fridge overnight. Heated up in the microwave, it was not bad. Hey, at least I had some caffeine for morning.

I headed out about 9:30 Alberta time, or 8:30 in BC. The first stop was the Mohawk gas bar accross the street. $166.00 latter, I started down the road. At least the traffic was light. I slowly started getting used to the motorhome. About every 1/2 hour, I would remind myself to unclench my jaw.

I drove up to Sicamous and decided to get a new coffee and maybe grab a burger. I also phoned Jim (one of our neighbours down in Blythe). After a relaxing coffee and burger and visit, on the road again.

I drove next to Golden. I spent about 1/2 hour in line to get fuel. While I was fueling, the phone rang. When I checked my messages, it was the credit card company calling to verify activity on the card. Yes, I am travelling and using the card for fuel purchases. Yes, I used it twice at Mohawk. Their pump only allows you to purchase $125.oo at a time. I guess if I had gone in, I could have got all the fuel at the same time. In Golden, I put in $99.00 more. When I got home, I calculated my mileage and it was 9.9 mpg (Canadian Gallon).

Back on the road again and I was soon back in Alberta. Not time to stop now. I am almost home. Well, sort of. I pulled into the park about 9:30. I even had to drive through a small rain shower.

Home safe and sound.

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