Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It has taken a couple of days to get ready for this post.

While we were in Edmonton, I used our new Telus Mobility Internet USB. It seems to work OK. Just not ready to use it for surfing. Had to remember to change the settings for windows updates. One computer did a download without me knowing about it. Oops.

We got the Star Choice dish installed with no issues. Now, with the GPS, you just press a button a couple of times and you have TV. When I remembered to check the signal strength, we were at 95%. Wow!

We got to Edmonton Monday afternoon and arrived at Rudy's about 5 minutes before he got home. When I went to disconnect the toad (TaurusX), I had a dead battery. Our booster cables are in California (Naw, I don't need to take these home). Rudy gave the car a boost and we were good to go again.

Sue went off on Tuesday morning to work at the Indy Race. I got to go shopping for electronics. Nothing in particular, just shopping.

All week long, it was warm. It got up to about 30C or 86F every day. Because we had no hook ups, I ran the generator. Our generator runs on propane and by the end of the week, we had run it for about 25 hours. So, the generator has had a good check out. The two air conditioners worked well. The one thing that we will need to learn how to use is the convection oven. Neither Sue or I have used one before.

The trip back home taught me a very important lesson. When you see a speed limit sign on a corner, you need to obey it or even go slower. A Motor Home does not turn like a sports car. Lesson learned. I hope. When I got back to the resort, the Taurus even started. After talking with one of our friends here, the toad having a dead battery has happened to them a couple of times and he had no explanation.

Today, Wednesday, I went into Red Deer and had a Sirius Satellite Radio installed. Now I can listen to the same channel every where we go.

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