Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wow, where did February go? We finally get home from our various road trips in January and the next thing I know March is creeping up on us.

Our friends in Quartzsite invited a few of us over for dinner. We all went in 1 car so we only had to worry about 1 person drinking. Dinner was fabulous, the weather was not. Fortunately John brought one of his heaters over and George had one as well so we were able to be toasty warm under their large patio awning. We also managed to stay dry considering how much it rained while there.

Our street had its 2nd Annual Rowdy Row and Friends Street Party and it was a lot of fun. The entire street turned out and basically everyone in the park was invited. We estimated about 85 to 100 people were there for a wonderfully warm and sunny afternoon of snacks, beverages and conversation. Looking forward to the 3rd Annual Rowdy Row and Friends Street Party.

Earlier this week Frank and Margaret (our next door neighbours) had their once a year happy hour. Again lots of people, food, beverages and conversation. Everyone stayed quite late into the evening as it was one of the first warm nights we have had.

Allan, Keith and Bobby went out in their dune buggies with a couple of neighbours in the passenger seats for an afternoon of fun. Allan got more than he bargained for. (Boy was I glad I wasn't there this time.) As he was going down a ravine, he hit a rock. He says he stopped moving and when he looked over at the passenger side of the car - there was the wheel on the ground. It had broken right off. Anyways they managed to get him out of the ravine with help from Keith's winch. They then tied Allan's front bumper to Bobby's back bumper and they limped home on 3 wheels. Frank had to move to Bobby's buggy. The fun time for Allan was when they had to go up a hill, Allan would start the buggy and give Bobby a boost. It took Bobby a moment to figure out why he was going faster.

Anyways they all made it home safe and sound and the buggy is now at Dan's (our builder) for repairs. Hopefully we will get it back soon.

Yesterday was John and Susies 3rd annual shrimp boil. What a feast that is! I can not believe how good it is. Every year it just keeps getting better and better. Lots of people, food, beverages, sunshine, heat, conversation and after supper a bunch of us played left, right, centre. I lost (of course) but then again it was only 9 cents!

Today is another sunny warm day so I must get busy and do something, or not!

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