Monday, July 20, 2009

I tool the MH to a local heavy duty mechanical shop to check out the transmission. I had been able to get fault codes before I went. The codes pointed to a problem with the power. So, the transmission was good, and I ended up having a oil change done on it. On of the fault codes said that I was low on oil. No visible leaks, so that is good.

Power problems were another thing. The reason I had low power was a burnt wire on the alternator. Got that fixed and then the batteries were checked. The chassis batteries failed the load test and the house batteries showed as poor. Six batteries latter, we should be good to go. I also got the heater fan fixed. They removed the resistor that runs the lower speeds on the fan and then reset it. Fan works on all speeds.

We are off today to Edmonton. Sue is working at the Indy race in Edmonton, and this will be a good trial run for the MH. Before we head to Edmonton, I am getting a new automatic Star Choice dish installed. It really is amazing the amount of stuff that I had got rid of and now am buying again.

I have decided that normally I do not give names to my vehicles, so I am just going to refer to the motor home as MH. Of course, the opinions of the husband are not necessarily the opions of management.

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