Thursday, July 02, 2009

Well, it is a done deal. Now comes the drive home. Should be fun, I have only driven about 15 kilometers before.

This was what everything looked like before I started down the road. The dealer had finished installing the tow bar on the Taurus X about 5:20. So, I spent the night in the dealer's lot. I went out and found some supper and stuff for breakfast. I actually picked up a coffee at McDonalds in WalMart and kept it in the fridge overnight. Heated up in the microwave, it was not bad. Hey, at least I had some caffeine for morning.

I headed out about 9:30 Alberta time, or 8:30 in BC. The first stop was the Mohawk gas bar accross the street. $166.00 latter, I started down the road. At least the traffic was light. I slowly started getting used to the motorhome. About every 1/2 hour, I would remind myself to unclench my jaw.

I drove up to Sicamous and decided to get a new coffee and maybe grab a burger. I also phoned Jim (one of our neighbours down in Blythe). After a relaxing coffee and burger and visit, on the road again.

I drove next to Golden. I spent about 1/2 hour in line to get fuel. While I was fueling, the phone rang. When I checked my messages, it was the credit card company calling to verify activity on the card. Yes, I am travelling and using the card for fuel purchases. Yes, I used it twice at Mohawk. Their pump only allows you to purchase $125.oo at a time. I guess if I had gone in, I could have got all the fuel at the same time. In Golden, I put in $99.00 more. When I got home, I calculated my mileage and it was 9.9 mpg (Canadian Gallon).

Back on the road again and I was soon back in Alberta. Not time to stop now. I am almost home. Well, sort of. I pulled into the park about 9:30. I even had to drive through a small rain shower.

Home safe and sound.

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