Sunday, July 12, 2009

We got the motor home back on Friday from having the out of province inspection done. It passed with no problems. I then drove into town to get plates for the unit. Plates installed and back to the park. As I was pulling into the park, Laureen, the receptionist, saw motor home and thought "Gee, that is a nice looking unit" and then noticed our car in tow. She was very kind and opened the gate for me so that I did not have to get out. I waved at her as I drove through the gate. Then I phoned her and said thank you. That is when she told me what she had thought.

I parked over by the General Store. This was to allow us to start loading the motor home for our first trip in about 10 days. Sue is working at the Edmonton Indy race and we are going to take the motor home up for Susan and maybe me to live in for the week. I am also going to have a automatic Star Choice dish added to the roof. I never was very good with a dish on a tripod.

When I was taking the motor home back to the storage compound, I had some trouble getting the transmission to stay in Reverse, so I will probably call on of the local shops to inquire about possible solutions.

While writing this entry, I am starting to think about getting a "name" for the motor home. It just seems so ackward trying to type motor home all the time. There is a mural of horses on the back, so maybe we will try something like "Whinny or Giddy Up". Time will tell.

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