Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Raton, New Mexico

Hi everyone, well we have made it to Raton, New Mexico (Raton in Spanish means Rat). Very nice little town. Getting here is another story.

We left Calgary on Sunday and it was a little overcast, but the roads were basically dry.

Made it to Great Falls, Montana and it was close to freezing. In the morning it was raining and basically rained all day.

Finally made it to Casper, Wyoming and again it was close to freezing and threatening to snow. In the morning it was "fresh" lots of frost and a bit of snow. Tuesday was the day of extremes. Left Casper in the morning and the air was cold and the roads were a little wet. Then the snow came, white out conditions through Denver, Colorado, then ice pellets through Pueblo, Colorado and finally a downpour of rain through Colorado Spring, Colorado. Our truck and trailer weigh in at 26,000 pounds and we just about hydroplained the rig. Not a plesant trip today to say the least, but we made it to Raton, New Mexico in one piece.

It's getting late, so I will say good-night to everyone and take care.

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