Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since I sat down and wrote something here. We have had a chance to settle into our new lot here in Blythe and are getting the daily schedules down.

Every Monday morning there is a coffee session by the pool with treats - Yum! We even had a board meeting last week so we are still trying to figure who's who in the zoo (so to speak). Allan has signed up to help with the website so he will keep busy working on that. He also indicated he might help out with sorting out the accounting system, now that we have to do it ourselves. The only thing is he has to figure out how they do things in California/USA rather than Alberta/Canada. There are differences, but I understand that 2+2 still equals 4 and that should help.

Every morning I head to the pool and take part in some water exercises. We have a lot of fun and then relax in the hot tub afterward in order to keep the muscles from seizing up. Tomorrow is the American Thanksgiving and the park is having a big Thanksgiving feast. The social committee is providing the turkey, stuffing, gravy and potatoes. We have to bring our utensils, beverage of choice and something for the potluck. I think I will be making a carrot salad.

We went to Yuma last week for the day to do some visiting and some shopping. Allan took a wrong turn at one point and we drove past some other friends from Calgary. For those of you who know Donna and Marv, they are doing fine and enjoying themselves here. Spent a little time with them before heading over to Dianne and Stan for a quick visit. After that we headed to the flea market, the bank and of course WalMart. We headed out of Yuma rather late and it's a 1.5 hour drive back. Allan decided that since it was so late we would go to the Sizzler for dinner - Yum! They actually have a pretty good salad bar.

Monday we had to sort of pack up the trailer and move over on our lot as the construction crew is supposed to be here on Tuesday morning to get the lot ready to pour the concrete pad. Well we got up early and they were supposed to be here "first thing in the morning" and guess what they never showed. Well it's Wednesday morning and still no show. I doubt they will work Thursday or Friday seeing at it's Thanksgiving here. So I guess maybe next week they will show up. It's a good thing we have understanding neighbours as we are just about in their lot.

Oh well, time to have some breakfast and then head over to the pool.

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