Saturday, December 16, 2006

I have been a really bad girl. I have been enjoying life in Blythe so much that I haven't posted anything on the Blog for a while. I'm sorry about that. So what have we been up to lately... let's see.

We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with lots of people at the resort here. Lots of food and lots of laughs.

One Sunday morning, the resort put on a pancake breakfast. It started at 8:00 and boy was that early to be up and around. I'm not normally outside until around 9:30 every morning.

We decided to put in a concrete pad on our site. The resort mandates that we must put in a 10 X 20 patio, but we also have to be 3 feet from the side of the lot and 5 feet from the back of our lot with the trailer. The concrete pad was going to be 12 X 40. In order to ensure the trailer didn't get damaged we had to pack everything up and move the trailer over 2 feet on the lot. We asked our neighbours permission to encroach for a few days and they were okay with it.

We finally changed contractors for having our concrete poured. The original company, the lead guy was in a car accident so his crew never showed up everytime we were told they would. So we had forms up for nearly a week, then the concrete was poured and the forms came off about 4 days later. We waited another 3 days before moving over to where we belonged to ensure the concrete cured properly. This new contractor also talked us into making the pad 12 X 51. We sure like it.

After we got the trailer back in its correct spot we noticed the trailer was still bouncing everytime someone walked around. We came up with the idea to put bricks under where the trailer would sit so that it would get it off of the rocks that are all over the site. So again we packed up the trailer and moved it off of our lot for the day and then placed concrete pavers for the trailer wheels to sit on. Now we are finally stable - wow what a concept not to get seasick every time someone walks around the trailer.

After having this work done we decided we needed some time away so we took a day trip to Parker to visit some friends, Joan and Bob, and did some grocery shopping. It was nice to see them again and catch up with news from mutual friends.

The other day some other friends from Anthem, Az, Sue and Stu. dropped by to visit for the day. It was great to see them and find out what they had been up to since they moved from Calgary to Phoenix. It was also great to hear that they will be returning to Calgary in early January. I know many of our friends in the motorsport community will be happy to hear Stu is coming back. Sue has also indicated she will be helping out with our Saturday night BBQ's that we will be doing next year. Thank goodness for good friends.

Last night we went over to the club house for Soup Night. We had Turkey or corn chowder soup (leftovers from Thanksgiving). Boy was that good soup and a fun night making new friends.

Anyways it's getting close to Christmas so it should be interesting to see how they do it here. We are going to friends on Christmas day for the Christmas feast.

I'm getting lots of flack from people about not posting any pictures and I promise I will - but not today.

Take care everyone.

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