Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We are back in cool California! Yahoo!

Talk about a rush trip home to Alberta and back again. As Allan wrote earlier we put his father into an assisted living home and he appears to just love it. I created a monster when he asked me to purchase some new stuff for him and like any normal woman I said "sure I'll spend your money". Well he has decided that he likes the finer things in life. We got him a new sofa, chair and TV stand for the living room, a microwave for the kitchenette and a new mattress for the bed. There were also a number of other items like a new shaver, cell phone, clothes and other sundry items. He has met some new people in the complex that he is living in and more sure of himself. I believe he has even put on a few pounds with all of the food that he is eating. Let me tell you they don't cheap out on the food either. Yesterday they served roast lamb with all of the trimings - he loved it.

Oh well - so about this weather we are having these days. While we were in Lethbridge, Allan had to purchase a new winter coat due to the cold weather. I didn't and of course got the flu. Fortunately it only last 24 hours but 2 days later Allan came down with it. We are fine now and enjoying our first morning back. Like elsewhere in this part of the world it is very cool and the forecast for the rest of the week doesn't look too warm either. Oh well. I guess I can find something to keep me occupied.

All for now.

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