Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally made it to Tucson and not a moment too soon. Pulled into the RV park and 2 salesmen came up to us and told us a tire on the trailer was flat.

After some time and a few phone calls, it was determined that another rim cracked (different tire this time and different side) but because we had driven on a flat tire (for how long no one knows) we also wrecked the tire sidewalls - they separated.

We will be calling Travel Supreme to see if they will send us a new rim as we were able to get a new tire and the spare was perfect just dirty from being stored under the trailer. The one good thing is that the tire was really inexpensive here compared to other places. Last time it cost us over $300 and this time just over $200.

We are at Beaudry RV for the next 2 weeks helping to organize a rally and some of the co-organizers pulled in one and two sites over so it will be easy to get together with everyone.

All for now.

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