Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We are finally back in Blythe for a while. On our way back from Tucson yesterday we stopped in Phoenix at the Chariot park model factory and took a look around. It looks like we might buy a park model for down here. The model that we saw and liked is, of course, the most expensive one. We will be looking at some of our neighbours ones here in the park before we decide which one to go with.

We had another shear pin go on the trailer so that is 2 shear pins and 2 rims. Time for a new trailer. The trailer is only 2 years old so it shouldn't have that many problems. We are thinking about not taking the trailer to Mexico in case we have another problem with one of the new rims or another problem with a shear pin. Those are not the type of fixes that are easily done in Mexico. I guess we may drive down and stay in a hotel for a few days. Only time will tell what we decide to do.

One more day to go before I go back to work with a vengance. I decided to take the month of October off to relax and just check work emails and do what I had to get done. Time to get back to work.

It's almost happy hour so I need to go an get myself a drink or two.

All for now.

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