Monday, October 15, 2007

We have arrived in Blythe. We decided to do some long driving (I should really say - Allan did some really long days of driving and we arrived in Blythe in just 3 days. It is so nice to be back here. The days are hot and sunny and the nights are warm. There are only a few people here so far so it is nice and quiet. We are heading to Erenburg today to go look at the dune buggy that we purchased last year and had a guy working on over the summer.

We will be heading out to Tuscon tomorrow to get ready for the Datastorm Users Rally (our satelitte internet dish). It will be lots of work and lots of fun. I'm still pretty busy working on the racing convention and awards dinner - thank goodness for the internet which allows me to continue to work on both at the same time.

Oh well time for breakfast.

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