Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I posted something on the blog. I must be busy doing something, but I'm not sure what that is.

I know that I have been busy every day trying to put in at least 4 hours of work - yes work and some days I succeed and some days I don't. I guess that's what semi-retired actually means.

We had a nice Amercian Thanksgiving dinner down here with all of the residents in the park. It only cost us $5.00 per person and everyone brought a salad, vegetable or dessert. The park supplied everything else. Then after dinner we played "name that tune". Everyone at our table were too young for a lot of the songs. We didn't even recognize some of them.

It has been a little cold these days. Most mornings when we get up it is anywhere from 3 to 6 C, BRRRR!!! Then during the day it is only going as high at 17 or 18 C, but at least the sun is shining. We had a rain storm the other night. We were at the clubhouse having a steak night and when we left to go home it was pouring. Remember this is the desert it's not really set up for getting almost 2 inches of rain in one evening. We stepped off the curb by the club house and the water was up over my ankles and damn! it was cold. At least the trailer proved to be leakproof. We didn't have any leaks so that was good.

Anyways I should go and do some work. Take care all and stay warm.

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