Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you and yours had a great day yesterday and that no one received any lumps of coal. We had a great Christmas day. We spent the morning at home enjoying our morning coffee opening the few gifts that we get for each other over flavoured coffee. Then we went around to a few people around the resort and wished them a Merry Christmas.
Around lunch time we drove over the Parker, Arizona to spend the afternoon and dinner with our friends Bob and Joan. Joan, as usual, put on a great feast of turkey with all of the trimmings. As the song goes, we drank a little wine and had a little fun. The wind was blowing hard all day both here in Blythe as well as there in Parker. I hope Bob and Joan's awning made it through the night intact.

Allan and I are getting ready to welcome our new park model home to Blythe. It is supposed to be here on January 3 (yahoo!) . Right now we have moved off of our lot onto another space so that Johnny (our contractor) could dig the hole that our park model as to sit on. (see attached picture above) Here in our park all park models must be pit mounted so a hole must be dug as the wheels and axles must also remain on the unit. Some California ruling about they must stay movable. I'm not sure why, but then again this is California, they do things differently here.

The weather has been cool down here and that is relatively speaking - it is generally nice and sunny during the day and then like most desert areas, it gets cold at night with no clouds. Last night it was around freezing so I'm not sure if the oranges still on the trees will be any good anymore. Not that I am complaining at least there is no snow.

I guess I should go as I haven't been doing too much work lately so even though it is Boxing Day here, I will put in a few hours before happy hour hits.

Take care all and have a safe and happy new year!

Sue and Al

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