Saturday, January 05, 2008

It finally arrived! Our new park model is here. It arrived a day late due to the driver not receiving the transport permit from California until too late in the day to come out. But it's here now and looking just fine. Johnny and TJ, (our contractors) Allan and Charles (one of our neighbours) have been working hard getting it installed on the outside. Another neighbour, Geni, even offered to help with the clean up inside. Someone who cleans windows - WOW - and let me tell you what a great job she did. She even helped to wipe out cupboards and sweep the floor.
Here it is still on the truck getting ready to be backed into the hole.

Here it is going into the hole.
The front view of going into the hole and finally from the side - it's now in.

Tomorrow I am going to start the big job of moving stuff from one trailer to the other. It's a lot of work especially when we only have 2 boxes to work with and a bunch of grocery bags. Oh well, I guess I will pack a few bags, walk them over and unpack them. A few of our other neighbours have offered to help move stuff - that would be great if they did. I will end up owing a lot of our friends a big dinner.

Oh well, it's late, maybe tomorrow I will post some pictures.

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