Monday, January 21, 2008

We finally have furniture and it looks great (that of course is my opinion). We went to Yuma bright and early on Saturday morning to pick up our couch, recliner, 2 end tables, 3 chairs and a kitchen table. Only a couple of minor hiccups happened. The couch was too big to just take the one sliding glass and screen door off, but we had to remove the stationary door as well. That was an exercise in caution. When we were putting the door back on Allan was using a rubber mallet to bang it back into place and I thought for sure he was going to break the glass, but the bad luck didn't happen.

Then the final item that we went to put together was the kitchen table and there we were, all the wooden pieces were there (I just realized we never did see any instructions) but there was no hardware in the box. So we couldn't put it together until we got the screws. Oh well, so close.

Here are some pictures of the park model with the furniture.

Sunday was a great day here. We were up early in the morning and I was helping the social committee put on a breakfast, I cooked scrambled eggs (me and 2 other people) for about 150 people, then I was the hashbrown server. Breakfast was great, lots of fun and laughs with some great people.

Finally got out of the kitchen around 10 am and went over to Keith and Lee's as everyone was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and warmth with absolutely no wind. That seems to be a rarity these days here with the Santa Ana's always blowing. Anyways we sat outside, drinking wine and playing Mexican train all afternoon. Lots of friends, lots of wine, lots of laughs.
On Sunday night I decided to go an play bingo at the clubhouse. I wasn't quite sure what to expect for $5.00. Actually it was $5.00 for 10 games, $2.00 for the 3 special games, $1.00 for the 50/50 draw and $1.00 for the dauber (since I didn't bring mine from Canada). So right now the evening is costing me $9.00 (almost double than I thought), BUT lady luck decided I and my table mates needed some help.
Of the six of us sitting at the table, I won 4 games, David won 3 games, plus the 50/50, Collette won once, Joanne won once, Sybil won twice, but Ron and Donna didn't win at all - so when you add that up 10 out of 13 games were won at my table. I came home $70. richer. Not a bad evening of playing with about 35 other people.
Wish I would have the same luck when I play with my friends up home. Today everyone was calling Allan - Lucky's husband and then they were rubbing my shoulders trying to have my luck rub off on them. I bet you that I will go again from now to the end of the season and I won't win again.
Monday came along far too fast, spent the morning with Lorraine (a friend from Anthem), in between visits I decided to become really boring again and went back to work.
All for now.

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