Sunday, January 13, 2008

We have moved into our park model - yahoo! It's done. Johnnie and JT (our contractors) did a great job of pit mounting our unit (meaning droping it in a hole in the ground). Now we are just waiting to have our concrete pad cut in 3 spots. This is for the support beams for the awning and then have the concrete poured over the area they cut out and to pour new concrete over the front. All we will have left to do is to paint the shed the same colours as the park model. I tell you it never ends. Work, work, work oh yeah and then of course happy hour. It's rough life, but what the hey!

It will be a busy week for us coming up. Right now we have friends from Calgary, Doug and Trish, staying in the park for 2 days while the blues festival is going on, then on Monday we will be taking our fifth wheel into Casa Grande, then Tuesday Lorraine from Phoenix is dropping by for coffee on her way to San Diego, then on Wednesday Bob and Joan will be stopping in to say hi, on Thursday Janet, a racing friend of mine and her son will be stopping in for coffee. Oh well my mom always said no rest for the wicked so I must be really bad.

All for now - busy - busy - busy.

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