Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hi all, well it's another sunny day in Blythe but the wind is sure blowing today. All of us down here have been spending a lot of time watching the TV and congratulating ourselves on not being home at this time of year. All of you who had to live through the minus 50 or more degree temperatures I salute you. Believe it or not, most of us do remember when it was that cold growing up.

Allan has spent all week painting our shed so that it matches the park model and it does look nice, even if I say so myself. Tomorrow Ron is coming over and he will be installing our awning and then we will be finished with all of the construction. After that Allan and I will be cleaning out the shed. It has been rough having everything in there. Everytime you need something you have to move a ton of stuff to get at it. On February 17 there will be a garage sale so we are hoping to sell the rest of the trailer stuff that we don't need anymore like a 38 gallon water tank.

Oh well, I guess I will try and do some work today. Take care all and those of you in the north please stay warm and safe.

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