Thursday, November 06, 2008

We're Baaaaaaaaack!!!

Well, it is about time to update everyone. The funeral on October 28th for Dad was good, if you can call a funeral a good event. My son and his kids were there. Heck, even my X-wife was there. Dad's sister, the only surviving sibling from that generation, attended. It really took me back when I got to the cemetery. The grave stone that I had ordered two weeks prior was already in place. We left Lethbridge on Wednesday morning.

We got to the border at 8:12 and were through and leaving the border by 8:13. That night, we had travelled all the way to Ogden Utah. Thursday, we were up early and on the road again. We stopped that night in Lake Havasu. We stopped so that I could get NPG cable to check our Canadian cable modem checked out and set up for us in Blythe. When we were checking into the Hotel, I noticed that the time was 4:00. If we had kept going, we could have been in Blythe by 6:00. We had a leisurely morning and left after the modem was activated. We arrived in Blythe at 11:42.

The House and Dune Buggy summered really well. A little bit of dust (we do live in the desert), but really good. The park seems to be fairly full already. A Lot of people were here early this year.

That is all for now, so I will sign off and hope that Sue gets creative with an update.


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