Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hi everyone, well I finally remembered to sign in and say something. Wow almost mid February. The weather has been great for the past couple of weeks - nice and warm - close to 80 F everyday. This week is another story - cool, windy and rainy around 60F everyday.

We have been keeping busy, I have been spending a few hours every day still doing some work and then finding time to take time off to go out to the desert for a day long desert run. Four of us went out to find the famous Paton's cabin. Our friend Joe thought he might know of it, so we packed up and went out. Joe estimated we would do about 100 miles for this run - that is alot for the desert. Anyways we travelled and travelled and travelled, through dust, sand, rock - BIG ONES, more dust, more sand and even more BIG rocks, and we finally made it to an old settlement of some sort.

It was fascinating to think that people used to stay in this area with absolutely no amenites. We travelled in by dune buggy (which they didn't have) in the "old days" and the rooms were extremely primitive with just stone walls.

We even stopped at one point and had a weenie roast - best weenies I have add in a long time.

Last night we had a pizza party at our house for those people who are leaving the social committee after serving their 2 years. It was extremely cold and windy last night but we put our sun shades down and lit our table heater and of course dressed warmly and we had a great time. Lots of chatting with people and of course delicious pizza. Would you believe that we had ice cream for dessert - yup - and we weren't even cold cause by the time dessert came around the wind had finally died down.

Well it's time to get dressed and get on with the day.

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