Monday, May 25, 2009

We left Blythe on Easter Sunday. Travelling by car sure makes travelling quicker. We arrived home safe and sound April 14. This was earlier than we had planned/expected and we caught our neighbours off guard. Bob was going to fill our water tank on Wednesday, but we arrived on Tuesday.

We had a nice couple of weeks at home before Sue went back to work on May 1. She immediately ran the driving school for the Car Club that weekend.

I starting looking around again at used motorhomes. Not really planning anything, but I need to see what was out there. After all, we had really like the Safari the Bruce and Michele had sold in Blythe. I did find an ad for one on Kijiji for a 1997 40 ft Safari Continental. I requested some pictures and received about 25 via email. The said that I could come look at the unit any time after the long weekend in May as they were going camping in it. I sent another email requesting some additional information, but never heard back.

Continued to look for Safari's, but was not able to find anything that said "Hey, What about me!". I then decided I would see if I could find any Allegro Bus's similar to our friends in California. Well, I found one in BC. And they also have a Safari Sahara. I chat on the computer with the "dealer" and I am told that a sales rep will call. We will see.

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