Monday, June 29, 2009

I drove back to the dealer today and we finalized the deal. Our offer was sort of accepted. We had to add GST. So, we now own a motorhome. We even have the bill of sale that says so.

I left the car with the dealer so that he could start the process of wiring and installing the tow hitch on it. They are going to do the wiring today and then install the base plate when it comes in tomorrow.

We had left a list of questions with the salesman on Saturday and when I got there, the motorhome was already in the shop getting some of that stuff addressed. I picked up the manuals and have browsed through them. I just need time to organize and read them.

They lent me a car so that I could go back to Keith and Lee's tonight. I will head back tomorrow and hopefully, it will be ready to hit the road tomorrow night. The only problem is that it will be July 1 (Canada Day) eve. In Kelowna. Boy will there be a lot of traffic. All them D___ Albertan's coming to BC for vacation. School is out and the population is going to explode.

Not much else tonight, so I will sign off for now.

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