Thursday, May 28, 2009

I emailed the ad for the motorhome to Sue and had her have a look. At the price that they are aking, Sue's question was "what's wrong with it?" I told Sue that I was thinking of contacting our friends in Sorento to see if he would go have a look.

The salesman from the dealership called and told me more about the motorhome. It is a 1996 Safari Sahara 35 1/2 ft. It has about 70,034 kms on it. But, another couple form Kamloops is looking at it and has a deposit down until they can see it. Rawlin, the sales rep, has sent me 36 pictures of the rig. I then forwarded the pictures to Sue. Her comment was "Maybe you need to ge see it for yourself.

Many emails latter, with alot more information, a good report from Keith and Lee, I am off to BC for the weekend. It is one way to crash Lee's birthday - Hi, I'm here, got a bed?

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