Thursday, October 08, 2009

It is too frickin Cold!

These are pictures from the front door of the park model.

I went over to the Motor Home and the water lines were already partially frozen. I got the water to run and then went out and opened the low point drain. I turned on the water heater and furnace. It is supposed to go down to -10 C or 13 F tonight. For next few days the temperatures are as follows:
Friday High -4C 24F Low -6C 20F
Saturday High -2C 27F Low -12C 9F
Sunday High 1C 34F Low -12C 9F
Monday High 4C 39F Low -7C 18F

I did not want to do it, but I think I am going to have to winterize the motor home before we leave. In previous years, when we were living in the fifth wheel, it got this cold. But the difference was that we were in the unit and knew what the heat was doing. We just had the propane tank filled, and it looks like we will be filling it again before we leave.

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