Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to leave. Got up this morning and it is time to head out. We left the resort and went to town to get diesel and gas for the car. Hooked up and started down the road. This was the first time that Susan had actually ridden in the front seat of the motor home. She said that it felt like a boat. Up, Down, Up, Down, etc..

Before we got to Banff, we had already experienced our first bit of sleet. I think this trip is going to be interesting.

We stopped to visit with Jim and Caroline in Sicamous before we went to Sorento. I decided that I wanted to get some fuel and stopped in Salmon Arm. The pump clicked off at $50.00. I then put another $50.00 in before we "full". We got to Sorento (Keith & Lee's home) before dinner.

Day 1 done.

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