Saturday, October 31, 2009

We're Back!!!!

However, it was again an interesting trip. We travelled on Wednesday and stayed at Dunigan, CA for the night. The pamphlet for the park said they had Wi-Fi, but it was not to be found. On Thursday, we drove over "The Grapevine". I think it gets to be over 5000 feet. And, in a short distance. The motorhome ran fine up and over. This is getting to be a good way to travel.

We arrived in Loma Lindo (San Bernardino) at the Camping World in time to see them locking the door. We had planned to spend the night there and leave first thing in the morning. Now, we were staying and then going shopping first thing in the morning. We even found free Wi-Fi for the night. We did our shopping in the morning and got on the road around 9:00. We should be Blythe by about 12:30.

Three miles from camping World, it seemed to come to an end. The check engine light was on and the water temp was climbing over the 220 mark. Took an exit and pulled off to the side. After I was able to do my checking, I decided to use the Road Side Assistance that I had purchased before we left home. I called Coach-Net and it was decide that we were going to be towed to a repair facility. About an hour and one half later, a hugh tow truck showed up and hooked onto the Motor home. We had already disconnected the Toad. It is really neat seeing a 36 ft motorhome get the front end picked up and towed away. We got towed to a Truck center and they started on the over heating problem right away. First thing they did was to put in 3 1/2 gallons of antifreeze. We took it for about a ten mile drive and brought it back to the truck center. The water temperature had stayed right where it was supposed to. We waited for the engine to cool so that the mechanic could check everything out for leaks. Sue looked over and noticed a puddle forming under the Motor Home. After checking the engine bay out (the mechanic climbed into the bay by going thru the bed), a pin hole leak was found in one heater hose. Looks like it had been rubbing for a while. The hose was cut and replaced. While waiting for the connector, the mechanic when over the engone and reported that everything was dusty. That is a good thing, it was not leaking oil or other fluids. Just the way it is supposed to be. It is now close to 2:00 and we are on the road again. Temperatures are running right where they are supposed to be.

We arrived in Blythe at 5:30. We parked on the empty lot next to our Park Model, turned on the power, plugged into our shed. Then. off to supper. Our first meal of the season at Sizzlers. Back to the park and crash for the night.

Saturday, we started the transfer from the Motor Home to the Park Model. Got the internet turned on and life becomes good again. Tomorrow, we will finish emptying out the Motor Home, give it a wash and then move it over to the lot that we have permission to park on.

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