Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well, it is two days latter and we have again spent too much money. But, it was stuff that needed doing. The speedometer now works all of the time and keeps working even when the headlights are turned on. It was a loose wire on the back. The heater control now works. They replaced the valve in the heater and it is stiff, but works. I was curious why the chassis battery had been dead when we left home so I had them check the "echo"charger. It was wired incorrectly. Also, they noticed that rather than using 4 batteries for the "house", we were using only 1. They installed the missing wire and now we have a 4 battery bank. I had the shocks checked and they were okay. However, the sway bar had worn bushing s that need replacing. The last thing that I had them look at was the rear seal. This is a seal between the engine area and the body. If it is loose, you can get dust circulating up and depositing itself on the ceiling. This shows up as dirty marks inside the coach.

We are a couple of days latter and will depart for Blythe tomorrow morning.

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