Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I did not take any further pictures at the Safari Rally in Newport. There were just some really nice coaches there. I had scheduled to get the motor home washed on Saturday, but the lady phoned and advised that she was sick. So, time to bring out the brush and bucket. I did not use any soap, but washed the motor home with the brush and then wiped down with a cloth. Not great, but it looks better.

I left Newport on Monday morning and made my way over to Sisters, OR where I meet up with the others that were going to caravan into the FMCA Rally. We ended up being 20 coaches. Sisters is about 30 minutes from the rally. After about 10 miles, after we had made the first turn off the original hi-way, we managed to pickup a police escort. They took us right to the County Fairgrounds, through traffic lights and stop signs. Neat!

So, now I am parked in Lot 16. The Safari caravan leader requested from the parking crew a space to have our happy hour get together. It is right next to our coach.

On the drive through the fairgrounds, I saw Jim and Chris Guld's motor home. They are "The Geeks On Tour" and are scheduled to do quite a few seminars. I drove over and chatted with Chris about the course that used to be called "Computer Boot Camp" Because Sue and I have taught this course, I thought it was time we took the course. Well, it looks like we are going to be helpers, rather than class members.

Today, at 12:35, Sue flies into Redmond.

Not much else at the moment, but hopefully, I will think of more to write.

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