Monday, August 02, 2010

Well, it has been a long time since I posted. No Sh_t (I'd like to buy a vowel, Alex). I think it was back in April when I talked about being in Glamis. Then Sue posted about our trip home and some info about the dune buggy. Yes, it is over at Dan's and he is redoing the rear suspension and transmission so that I have more wheel travel and better power (new transmission) to the back wheels. He was going to redo the front suspension with a new front torsion tubes. This would give me some more wheel travel for the front. Once he got looking at the car, he advised that he would be able to do an A-arm front suspension. That shoulod give me close to 16" of front end travel. Result - softer ride. I just have to send "mo money".

I have started a trip to the US to go to a couple of RV rallies. The first one in Newport, OR, starting on Thursday, will be a Safari (brand of our motor home) and then I go to Redmond, OR on Monday to the big international FMCA rally. Sue is flying in on the Tuesday and will be here until Sunday. But first, I have gone to Junction City, OR.

I got some new furniture installed today for the motor home. Here is a before picture.
This is a during the install picture with most of the furniture out.
These are the after pictures.

The kitchen table chairs should be ready tomorrow.

When I get better internet, I will try and create some more posts.

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