Monday, August 23, 2010

Well, it is Monday and I arrived back home on Friday.

During the rest of our stay at the FMCA Rally in Redmond, our internet was very slow. It may have had alot to do with the fact that many people were using their cell phones to connect to the internet and the cell towers were probably overloaded.

We wandered around the park and saw most of the exhibits. We even spent money, probably too much. We now have a "Tens" unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), but by another name. We also bought some folding bikes and a brake system for the car (toad).

We helped Jim and Chris Guld in their seminar "Get to know your laptop". Boy, that made us think about how to do things on the computer. But, I think everyone learned something.

I took Sue to the airport on Sunday morning and dropped her off at 6:45 for a 8:00 flight. Honest, she said just drop me off, you do not have to come in. I went back to the RV and got ready to head over to Bend Service Center to have some additional work done. I arrived at 8:50 on Sunday morning and there were only two spots left with power in their parking lot.

On Monday, I got a four wheel alignment. It took about 5 hours to do. The front Tie Rod was frozen. Probably a result of the Motor Home being drive in the winter in Canada with ice melter on the highways. But, in the end, we now have toe-in on the front wheels. I also had the generator checked as it would not run the last day of the rally, a spring replaced in a window awning, a fresh air intake system installed for the engine and a tank flush installed for our gray water tank. All in all, the coach is now in great shape.

I left Bend Service Center and went over to John and Jeanne's place. I have left the Motor Home there for a couple of months. It is cheaper to drive the car 3000 Kms, round trip, rather than the motor home.

When I left their house on Wednesday, I headed for Spokane and Cour de Lane. I got to about 40 miles (60 Kms) south west of Spokane and the car started to act up. Parked at a rest area, I called Ford Road Side Assistance. About two hours later, I was loaded on to a flat deck truck and taken to Spokane. It was after 6:30 when we got there and one of the service writes was still there. Filled out the paper work, and he even drove me to the hotel. The next morning, by 8:20, I had been told what was wrong with the car. It need a new Throttle Body. By 11:15, I was back on the road home. All the surging that the car used to do on cruise is now gone. I got to Calgary about 9:30.

So, I am now back at home and the plan is to be here until the middle to end of October.

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