Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hi all, it's been a while since I posted something here - I have been a bad girl and having been letting Allan do it all. Well it's almost mid September and our thoughts are starting to turn to heading south for the winter - where it is warm. I can't believe the summer we have not had this year.

Allan is outside at the moment with Bob our next door neighbour and they are re-greasing the bearings (I think) on the new trailer that we just bought to take our older golf cart down to Blythe for the summer. Looks like we may need to get new tires for it. Oh well - it's only money.

Last night Bob and Joan our next door neighbours had us over for a great dinner. It was Friday night and I hate cooking dinners on Friday when I come in from Calgary and with the restaurant at the resort here closing for the season, Joan thought it would be nice to treat us to dinner. What fabulous neighbours we have.

Oh well - I'm going to go and have a nap now - just because I can. Take care all.


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