Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi remember me, the one who forgets to post stuff. Well let's see. We arrived safe and sound. We enjoyed the first 3 weeks here with really nice hot weather but then crap, someone forgot to pay the heating bill cause 2 days ago it got cold. Okay cold is relative. It's not -20 C like it is back home in Canada, but 10 C is cold for this area.

I am back to playing cards with my friends in the afternoon and doing a little work every morning. Life is good.

Allan got the dune buggy back from having some work done on it and it looks fantastic. Now it's ready for the sand dunes at Glamis. It is American Thanksgiving this weekend and we are going to the desert at Ehrenberg, AZ this weekend for a few days to play. We should have some fun.

More later.

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