Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hi all, I finally remembered that I should probably post something here for all to read. We have had a busy January and it's only half over.

We enjoyed a great New Years and celebrating Allan's 60th birthday. Yup, he is officially a senior citizen and to prove it he will be receiving his first Canada Pension Plan (CPP) cheque next month. Yeah! More money.

More money! Yeah! We have now spent his 2012, 2013 & probably 2014 alottment of CPP cheques. We went to Redlands last week to have some new MCD blinds installed in the motor home and then we decided we should get a different brake system for the car/motor home so we had the SMI break system installed while there.

Next off to Indio to enjoy the annual FMCA rally. We met up with several of our friends at the Spotlight 29 Casino so we could enter the fairgrounds together so we could park together. Done and done. We enjoyed much laughter and beverages while at the rally every day with our friends. First time we have ever bought liquor by the case. Bought a case of Margaritas from Costco ($9.99 per bottle). Spent days visiting the vendor areas.

Allan ended up chatting with the Redlands folks again about our noise in the front end of the motor home and they sent a rep down to take a look. Oh! oh! It was the shocks that needed replacing, but not only that we found that a rear seal was leaking and we need to have a brake service (lube brake parts and change fluid) . . . so . . . after the rally is done - off we go - back to Redlands to have new shocks installed, the rear seal replaced and the brakes cleaned, flushed and whatever else they needed to do. WOW! what a difference new shocks makes, no more clunk! clunk! clunk! when travelling. We just need to get the rear shocks done at Quartzsite.

We made it back to Blythe for 2 days so that we could empty the holding tanks and refill everything for our trip to Quartzsite this week. We will be heading out today for another rally with most of the same friends we were with in Indio. They are great and lots of fun.

We will also be meeting up with some other friends from Alberta. They are parked a half mile down the road, so we will be dropping in to see them while they are in the area.

Busy, busy, busy!

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